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The IT industry is currently the most dynamically developing service sector. The development of the Internet and the constantly progressing process of digitisation mean that not only the largest market giants but also smaller companies need professional programming support. Digital solutions are at the same time one of the most effective ways to quickly develop business and increase work efficiency. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more organisations need professional software services and the support of qualified IT specialists.

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Do you need dedicated software? Or do you want to create an extensive web or mobile application? Having a well-thought-out vision for a modern digital product, you certainly want to realise it at the highest level. We understand perfectly well the seriousness and complexity of such an undertaking, which is why we will provide you with a professional technological background that will support you in achieving your goal. We know that the success of any IT project depends on the effective cooperation of many specialists. That is why we will select for you a qualified team of programmers with skills and experience tailored to the individual needs of your project. This will provide you with a comprehensive service and guarantee the timely completion of the task.

We use modern technologies

We work on stable, proven and internationally recognised technologies that enable us to create high-quality software and advanced digital products. They also provide us with the reliability of the designed solutions. Depending on the needs of your business, we can create:


  • mobile applications (Android, iOS),
  • web applications,
  • desktop applications,
  • embedded applications.


Our team of IT specialists will guide you through all the stages of the project: from preparing a detailed specification and creating interface mock-ups, through efficient implementation of the designed solutions, to launching the application in the production environment.

We program in many languages

Our programmers use the most popular programming languages in their daily work, including C++, C#, PHP and JAVA, which thanks to their versatility and easy scalability give us a wide range of programming possibilities. Does your company use a different environment? You don't have to worry about it with us - we will find programmers with the appropriate skills. We do not limit ourselves only to selected technologies, because we realise how important the right choice of tools is for the success of the whole project. Therefore, you can be sure that we will meet your individual requirements also in terms of the technologies used.

We deliver high-quality software and the modern solutions created by our developers meet the highest standards in terms of performance and security.

Network administrators

Our company has qualified computer network administrators. We offer simple and effective solutions to various network challenges. We provide our clients with ongoing hardware and software support for their computer network, ensuring its security. Our specialists also deal with the ongoing conversation, repair and expansion of networks, thus effectively minimising the occurrence of unwanted failures and supply interruptions. We know how important constant network access is for today's business, so we will provide you with the best specialists to effectively manage networks - both local and wide area networks, to which your customers will also be connected.

In our daily work, we use proven network operations management platforms such as Cisco. We also offer end-to-end IT solutions based on Cloud Services, and we have skilled Helpdesk specialists to provide you with comprehensive support to resolve and control ongoing issues.

We also offer a full hardware rollout service. We can perform for your company an efficient exchange of computers, phones, as well as printing or network devices. We ensure professional configuration of equipment according to the individual needs of your organisation. We will also take care of its fast and efficient connection to the existing IT network on site, creating the appropriate network infrastructure. Together we will develop a suitable rollout concept that is tailored to your needs to the highest degree. The devices you order are configured by our experienced technicians to your specifications and then checked in detail so that they are reliable and ready for use.

Fast coding

Software testers

A professional software tester is a key person in the process of creating a complex IT project. Before handing over the finished digital product to the client, we always want to make sure that the developed and implemented technological solutions work flawlessly. The main purpose of conducting software tests is to quickly verify and eliminate errors that programmers may not have noticed at the programming stage. To make sure that the customer receives a fully working product, our testers thoroughly check it before handing it over to the customer.

Our testers start their work by getting to know in detail the specifications of all the functionalities whose operation they have to verify. Manual tests are carried out on the basis of the testing guidelines, during which the specialist checks individual functions on various platforms, comparing the obtained effect with the guidelines received from the developers. Involving the tester in this process allows for a more objective view of the created product, from the perspective of the potential user. As part of our activity, we also offer support in the area of automatic tests, both regression and integration tests. We use innovative and proven technologies for software testing. This allows us to guarantee our clients the reliability of the created technological solutions.


Our company offers professional support of highly qualified SAP, SAP HANA and ERP specialists. Thanks to our proficiency in these programs, we are able to effectively assist various entrepreneurs in effectively automating company processes. We provide a qualified team of specialists who perfectly understand the methodology of these tools, which allows them to maximise their functions and capabilities.

SAP is a modular system, thanks to which our specialists have the possibility of prioritising subsequent activities so as to adapt to the current needs of a given enterprise to the highest degree. This way, you can be sure that we do exactly what is most important for the development of your company at the moment. By choosing to work with us in this area, you can be assured of the efficient management of all processes that are crucial to your business. We will find for you a specialist qualified in effective planning of company resources: from finance, accounting and controlling, through inventory management, to production and sales supervision. With us, you can count on comprehensive support in all areas important to the development of your business.

Fiber Optic

Fibre optics

New technologies and the progressive process of digitisation are causing the expectations of users of various facilities to gradually increase. Modern and reliable teletechnical installations ensure the fast transmission of information, creating the conditions for effective work.

For this reason, we also provide telecommunications services as part of our business. We have several years of experience in setting up teletechnical installations, including fibre-optic networks. At the highest level, we implement advanced architecture for data transmission for both local companies and large enterprises. We have a qualified team of specialists who have already successfully completed many projects in the field of modern optical fibre installations.

We provide modern fibre optic networks for telecommunication and ICT purposes. We also offer professional advice on the selection of active devices, their efficient installation and commissioning. Our specialists will also prepare a technical design of local, city or wide area network structures, as well as comprehensive documentation of the design. So you can be sure that we will leave you with a ready and reliable optical fibre installation.

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